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Roguard Insect Bait Stations box of 50
A small, discreet insect bait station measuring approx. 8cm x 8cm x 1.5cm high for the easy application of gel baits. The lid snaps onto the base securely but, for additional security, it may be fixed shut using a screw.
Heavy duty brass pump; assembles and dismantles in seconds; comes with heavy duty canvas case; adjusts from 2ft. to 18ft. (0.61m to 3.66m) in 4ft (1.22m) sections.
Minimises use of ladders; less risk of injury; reaches the spots you can't reach even with a ladder.
Use with insecticidal or rodenticidal dust.
Sunburst Naturale.  Silver,black,white also available.
please state colour when ordering.
Unique, decorative and discreet sticky board fly trap made of bamboo with a design that is both elegant and natural, making the unit suitable for most front-of-house situations. The discreet design conceals the glue board and the insect catch from view. The use of natural materials and energy-efficient technology allow for an environmentally sustainable fly control. The Sunburst can be used wall-mounted or freestanding and is ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. It is fitted with a powerful 20 watt compact tube.
B&G 152, 5 Litre Sprayer with 18" Extenda-Ban Lance                      
A stainless steel sprayer based on the highly reliable Eurosprayer design. The tank is slightly slimmer and protected from knocks by durable plastic end caps which feature clips to allow attachment of accessories for ease of use. The bottom cap is removable with space to store a replacement gasket set for emergency repairs. The outlet valve is sited on the top of the unit reducing the likelihood of impact damage when in use. Pressure relief valve (60psi) and gauge are fitted as standard and can be removed for easy maintenance. A standard hose is supplied with an XR Gun trigger with check valve.

The Extenda-Ban is fitted with a MulteeJet tip which gives a choice of 3 different spray settings (fan, pinstream or crack and crevice). The Ban-Drip Pistol grip valve is also available. Since the Extenda-Ban lance and Ban-Drip valve tip shut off, they are non-drip and operators have better control of where the pesticide is placed. This greater accuracy and lower usage gives better protection to the environment.

The AF Underground bait box brings together all the superb features associated with the AF Range but offers you versatility, security and discretion that no other bait box offers.
The AF Underground enables the most natural environment for feeding, as the box can be buried in the ground and the inside can be lined with soil, creating a natural flooring, whilst up to four entrance/exit points offer additional entrance and escape routes for nervous rodents.
Discreet box - designed to be buried, the lid has the appearance of a drain cover
Secure Tamper Resistant Box - secured with a security screw lock
Strong and Resilient - the entire box is made of zintec coated steel
Natural floor can be formed to encourage rodent entry and feeding
Versatile - the length of entrance tunnel can be adjusted to suit your needs
All baits can be used with retaining bars supplied to secure block baits
Box can be secured using ground anchors or can be cemented in place where the installation is intended to be permanent
4 entrance holes in box, with option to block 2 holes to make a standard bait box
Spring loaded lid to aid servicing
Supplied with 1 metre of hose
Key/tool, supplied separately
Dimensions: 36cm x 36cm x 13.5cm
AF Tyre-Baiter
Tyre-Baiter - Each                                 69.99 
Tyre-Baiter Rod Stainless Steel Each      23.99
Tyre-Baiter Anchor - Pack of 3               21.99

Ideal for use on farms and landfill sites.

Encourages communal feeding
Increases uptake of bait by providing a natural feeding area
Protects bait from larger non-target animals
Environmentally responsible design - Reusing old tyres
Maximum Diameter of tyre: 640mm, tyre not supplied
Pack of 3 Anchor Pins is available at an extra cost
Cuts your installation time in half
Quick, easy, mess-free installation
Making working at heights safer and easier
Firm texture enables use on pitched roofs and angled surfaces
More discreet low profile dishes
Keeps all pest birds away from structures without harming them
15 x 8mm low profile dishes per pack

Bird Free
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